Sunday, January 05, 2014


Today I got to hear my pastor share the heart of Sought Church to a group of believers in this area.

He had 5 minutes.  5 minutes to weave a story so beautiful... of people wanting to belong, wanting to be found, and a God so loving and gracious and caring that He seeks us all...  and how this church, the church that Jesus is leading, is going to show that love to the people of Downtown Las Vegas.  I sat there listening to this story and all I could think of was... "I want in!  I want to do that!  I want to be a part of this!"  And then my heart leapt because...


This city where people profess NO religion.  This city where businesses are starting left and right, and people are placing everything they have on the hope that this One Thing will turn out.  This city full of tech start-ups, Zappos employees, the rich, the destitute, travelers, and natives.


I don't believe it.  It's like my life in Washington was paused and this is just the intermission, but that's not true!  God, in His love and humor, has brought me to the Neon City, where I get to eat and sleep and play and worship and love people I'd never have a chance to meet if I hadn't said "YES!"

I suspect you'll be hearing a lot more about this new life this year. 
Get ready.  It's gonna be exciting.


Anonymous said...

So happy for you Emily!! and you better believe you will be blessed for saying yes...I know you're all in and I love that about you...Here's to the new and exciting chapter in your life
love ya

Cyndi Langston said...

I "knew" that God would go before you and open up the opportunities, but it does my heart good to see it unfolding for real!

Dana R. said...

That makes me think of the whos in whoville. we are here we are here we are HERE!

Patti@OldThingsNew said...

It is so cool to see you SO very happy Emily. Great things ahead for you. I sure of it!
Love & hugs,