Saturday, February 07, 2015

21 Days

21 days. That's three weeks.

21 days. It's not much time, really, in the grand scheme of things. Or it's an eternity. Either way...

Several of us in Sought Church are doing a 21 day fast beginning tomorrow, February 8th. Some of us are fasting food, some are fasting TV, or something else specific in our lives. Now... I want to be really honest with you about this. When I first was presented with the idea, I wasn't happy.

"Crap," I thought. "I'm a leader. That means I have to do this, too." Because leaders are willing to be
uncomfortable to help other people grow, and let me tell you, fasting is uncomfortable.

Think about it... people won't be EATING. They won't be doing all these other things that we find pleasure in, or stress relief, or sustenance!

Instead, we'll all be looking to God. Seeking Him. Wanting more of Him. Trying our best to listen to what He's saying for our lives, for our church, for our community.

It's hard. It's kinda sucky at times.

But you know what? During that time when FB is down, or there's a deep craving for chocolate (or just food in general!), guess where we get to focus our time and energy?

On Jesus.

And that? That's the greatest pleasure of all.

Want to join our fast? Want to ask questions, or start a conversation about this? Let me know in the comments.

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