Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Beautiful Gifts - June 9

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts.
I love thinking outside of the box for gifts because 1) it makes me work harder, and 2) it means that I get to really dig deep into what I'm truly grateful for. And that makes me much more appreciative, especially of those Ugly-Beautiful Gifts (which you can read below).

3 Gifts Orange
1) Sought Church's main color is orange. It surprises me because I've never been an orange lover, but... It's fun to have such a distinctive color!
2) Sunsets
3)  Juanita's Tortilla Chips. Because YUM. (OK, the chips are yellow and the bag is more red, but still. Close enough.)

3 Gifts "Ugly-Beautiful"
1) Today a caller called me a stupid interpreter because he wouldn't listen to me explain why I couldn't do what he wanted--it wasn't allowed and it wasn't even possible. It made me angry because people can be downright horrible when there is anonymity. However... it also made me think of the caller I had who thanked me at the end of the call and said, "You were a great match. Fantastic." If you've been around the interpreting world for any length of time, you know that being a great match for someone is the ultimate goal for what you want. Not just "thumbs up" or "great job, interpreter."  A good match means choosing signs and words that each person would use if THEY spoke the language you're interpreting into.
2) Accounting classes, because they help me balance a checkbook for more than just myself.
3) Traffic driving through the Spaghetti Bowl. It means that I get to go slower through my favorite part of the city, Downtown.

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