Sunday, September 26, 2004


Well, God's teaching me about delighting in Him. And no, Sara, I didn't get up this morning and hurl instead of preach. Thanks for trying, chica. ;) LOL I don't know if my message got through... but it's getting through to me. I'm learning. That's a good thing. Oh, sorry this is ambiguous... You should ask God what it means to delight in Him and then do a search on how many times in Scripture He says to. There's a lot. And... it's like now that I know He really WANTS me to delight in Him...... maybe I can more! And that's pretty cool.

OK, I'm totally wiped out. It's 8:00 and I'm going to go read. I'm reading this book called "The Cry of the Halidon" (pronounced 'hollydawn'--it's still taking me awhile to say it that way!). Anyway, it's by the author of the Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne... Conspiracy? Whatever the 3rd one is. Who knew they were books? I haven't read or seen the movies. Oh well. Anyway, it's interesting... a little hard to follow sometimes, but decent. Then I'm going to read my new book "The 50 Greatest Mysteries of All Time" (yes, Jenni, I went back and bought it today). While I'm reading the book on dissociation that Barbara loaned me (THAT is interesting--when I'm done, we're going to have to discuss or something, Barbara. I've learned SO MUCH!). And one on preaching. And I think there's another one in there, too, but can't remember.

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Jenni said...

wow, you read as many books simultaneously as I do! And good, you'll have to tell me how that Mysteries book is. Currently I'm reading one called Lightning by Dean Koontz. When I bought that one the day I was with you, i remember you saying you didn't like him, but I REALLY got into that one, so I'm reading another.

As far as the delight question goes, your question to me actually spurred a nauseating amount of thought, even lead to a little research. I have seen that word the same way you mentioned: as 'Mr. Rogers' happy cute. Like a rapturous 'Oh my goodness, I LOVE you!!!' You know, orgasmic or something (there really isnt' another word that quite said it...sorry) and that would annoy me because my relationship with FAITH right now is anything but that. Even concurred. So either it's the wrong word to use for the concept the writers meant, or the church really is more 'happy' than I can handle, at least in my understanding of the concept. what conclusion did you come to, anyway?