Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Minute Friday

Found this on The Gypsy Mama's blog... You get one word and five minutes to write--no editing, no thinking, just... going. 

Today's word?  Together...  Ready?  Go!


This is a fascinating concept for me, a single, Christian woman.  I am together with people when I'm at work.  I'm together with people when I'm at church, or with family.  But when do I really FEEL together???

I felt together in Haiti.  I felt like we were doing something as a TEAM, like we were 12, but with one goal.  Especially during times of worship--both in team time and in church.

I feel together during worship.  I know, it's the same as above sort of... but different.  When you get a full room of people, praising Jesus, no one paying attention to each other--only, solely focused on the Savior.

I felt together last night when several of my small group got on facebook and had an inane 300+ post conversation about... well, nothing really.  But filled with so many laughs.

I feel together when my sisters and I are laughing.  About anything really.  Inability to fly rc helicopters.  Each other.  Silly alpacas.  Monopoly.  Whatever.

I feel together when I'm with friends and we're DOING something.  like Tomboy Takeover.  We get to make an impact on people's lives, even if it's just to brighten them, by doing something fun and exciting.  THAT is together.

I feel together when I have to lean on my savior.  When I feel so alone and separate... that I KNOW He has to be with me.  Maybe I don't FEEL together then.  Maybe I just TRUST together.

That's five minutes.


Melissa @ Half Dozen Mama said...

So good to see that distinction of when you really experience that connected-kind of together. It's a heart thing, right? I love when I have that kind of togetherness with people and yearn for more of it in my life. Even with those you have it with often (like a husband or close friend), you still have to work to keep the intertwining of the hearts. It's easier and easier to stay shallow.

Well written!

Amy said...

I love your take on being together! I remember the feeling of togetherness when I was in Nicaragua.