Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Fourth Category

I stole this from PostSecret. I read it and it makes me happy, simply because this is where I am right now.

Do you know how SCARY it is to live here, though?  I say that, kind of tongue in cheek, because YES, I'm sure you know that, and... well, my fear ebbs and flows.

Here's the deal.
There are certain things in life that we have to do, but that kind of stink... like taking out the garbage or cleaning the litter box (probably my LEAST favorite chores).  They HAVE to be done, though!

Then there are the things that need to be done, but are kind of neutral...  they may even bring some satisfaction in completing them.  For me--my budget.  (It used to be in the first, hated category, but now I love to see all those numbers adding up and coming to a beautiful zero balance at the end of the month.)

Next we have those things we enjoy...  they could be chores, they could be activities, they could be ways to volunteer.  We're excited that we get to be a part of these things happening.  For me, this is my participation in Freedom Session, women's ministry, and things like that.  Much of this, at this point in my life, is based at church, and volunteering.  Life, with plenty of these activities, is GOOD.

But occasionally...  occasionally we get to participate in that thing that pushes adrenaline in our bloodstream, that makes us feel like we are doing what we were designed to do.  These things may not come along often, or they may be present in our every day lives.  For me, this is what I will call "Communication."  Specifically, communicating the Word of God to people, and sharing what He's done in my life.  Simple.  Profound.  Thrilling.  I don't know and don't care how GOOD I am at this (though I always want to get better).  I DO care, however, that I get to do MORE of this.

Public speaking is the number one fear in the world.  75% of people have glossophobia--a fear of public speaking (stage fright).  For me, I'm not only in the 25% without the fear, I'm part of the few percent who WANTS the microphone, who WANTS to be up there, adrenaline rush and all.

That's one of the things I've always wanted to do... that I'm figuring out how TO go do.

What's yours?  What things get your blood moving, heart racing, and excitement abounding?

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asl4god said...

Sorry, but I'm just now getting caught up with my blog reading. What excites me is actually a) leading others in worship - knowing that something I'm doing is drawing others into worshiping our Savior (be it with voice or sign) fills my heart and b) when someone I have counseling with says that they are choosing life, not suicide or depression....

Knowing that God is using me in these ways touches my heart and humbles me in so many ways that I can't explain, but I'm sure you understand.