Monday, December 10, 2012


Recently, I had a brief opportunity to hang out with a teenager.  She's sweet and seems very kind, involved in academics and sports and church.

We met in a church gathering.  I was sitting near her and, as worship time approached, she said something akin to, "Sorry I don't have a good voice."

We sang, listened to the teaching, and then went our separate ways.

Her statement, however, stuck with me.

"Sorry," I heard, "that I'm not good enough."

How often have I stated the same thing--or at least felt the same thing.  "I'm sorry that my house isn't quite clean enough.  I'm sorry that my hair isn't quite done enough.  I'm sorry that I am not quite enough."

Plaguing us, often for our whole lives.
I, too, feel like my voice isn't good enough.  I, too, often feel like I am not quite enough.

So what do we do?  How do we combat this inner struggle that no one knows about?
The answer so often seems to be found in Scripture.  And in an understanding with those around us that we are not alone.  That we ALL have these struggles.

One verse that always stops me (and my insecurities) in my tracks is Ephesians 2:10:
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (NIV)

Other versions say that we are God's workmanship.  God created us.  Maybe we're not all good at singing.  Who cares?  This teenager could probably school me at sports.  I may be more skilled than her at languages.  That's INCREDIBLE.  We were all created with our own unique gifts to serve God and bless both Him and the people around us.  Those of us who don't always sing on key... well, we've got a whole bag full of other gifts to share.  It's just a matter of using them.

Remember that, next time you're singing (or whatever it is you don't do too well) and feeling self-conscious.  Belt that song out and know that God created you to do good works--even if those good works aren't singing.  Open up the gifts that HE has given you and DO those.  Speak, or dance, or play sports, or write books, or crunch numbers, or care for children, or teach people, or bake for them, or dry their tears.  You were created for a purpose--DESPITE the insecurities you may feel!


Dana R. said...

Great reminder. I ALWAYS feel like apologizing for my shortcomings... But we don't need to.

Hez said...

Your post really struck a cord with me today. As it is so easy to make excuses, that we don't need to make. We were created to excel in something else. Not that we can't strive to improve certain areas of our life, but we don't need to live beating ourselves up for never being good enough or measuring ourselves to everyone else.